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Artist: DAN7EH
Title: GIRL Scammer Gets SCAMMED in 2021
Release: 17 April 2021
Update: 20 Hours Ago
Duration: 08:01
Size: 7.34MB
Audio Summary: MP3, 48 kHz

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GIRL Scammer Gets SCAMMED in 2021 08:01
Nervous Scammer Drops me...  Scammer Gets Scammed -  Fortnite Save The World 11:05


7.75MB 10 April 2021
Scammer Gets Scammed In 2021! 08:01
I PRETENDED to be a GIRL and get FREE ITEMS in FORTNITE STW it worked 10:50
I Made Him Think His RAREST Weapon was CURSED 08:48
Going AFK Whilst Trading His RARE 1 of 1... 09:07
I Found the CRAZIEST weapon yet... 11 perks 09:33
He THREATENED to BOOT me because of this... 09:44
I Caught a Twitch Streamer SCAMMING on my Discord Server LIVE 08:05
I heard them trying to fool me and they didn't know... So dumb 11:00
I found a 5X SUPERCHARGED WEAPON... crazy 10:49
RICH Scammer SCAMS Himself For 20 + 130s! Scammer Gets SCAMMED - Fortnite Save The World 10:03
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ScAmMeR GeTs ScAmMeD in 2020......

10.83MB 06 February 2020
I Sold this for 80,000 SUNBEAM... 10:02
I Joined this Tiktok Scamming Clan Undercover and they THREATENED to PUNCH US! 08:25
I Collected Every 6 STAR ITEM... actually RARE 08:45
I Paid PRO BUILDERS to Build this INSANE HOMEBASE Design 11:57
I Pretended to be his Fortnite Girlfriend 😳😳 he got mad 11:33
He Claimed to have an 11 Perk GHOST PISTOL so rare 08:18